15 Tips To Avoid Holiday Pounds

I just recently read a survey that the average person gains approximately 5 pounds during the holiday season. I don’t know if it’s one hundred percent accurate but if you’re worried about being part of that statistic, don’t despair. Here’s my holiday gift to you on how to avoid weight gain over the next few […]

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Hernia: Diagnosing And Treating A Common Intestinal Disorder

Most of us probably know someone who has suffered from a hernia. This disorder of the digestive system is relatively common, especially in men. Yet, many people don’t know much about hernia symptoms and treatment until they are hearing the diagnosis from their doctors. Learning about the risk factors and treatment options is a positive […]

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Help For Dry, Itchy Scalps

Most of us take very good care of the skin we can see. Some of my patients pamper their faces with serums and moisturizers, while others wouldn’t go a day without their favorite body lotion. Despite all of these skincare measures, far too many people neglect the skin on their scalps. The scalp is responsible […]

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Exercise: The Natural Prescription For Lower Blood Pressure

I often tout the benefits of exercise. From reducing your risk of diabetes to helping you sleep better, exercise improves a wide array of medical conditions. Today, I am going to add one more thing to the already long list of ways exercise improves health. Many of my patients are surprised to learn that exercise […]

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How To Eat For Better Sleep

Around the holidays, my patients often feel themselves stretched by social obligations, events, or hosting houseguests. All these things plus shopping, decorating and the general merry-making of the season leave many of us exhausted. If this sounds like you, take my advice and don’t skimp on sleep when life gets crazy. A good night’s sleep […]

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Natural Ways To Relax Your Back

It is estimated that roughly 31 million people in the United States alone suffer from back pain at any given time. This is a staggering statistic, but if you are one of the millions who live with back pain, it is more than just a number. Back pain can have a major impact on your […]

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Endoscopy: Preventing Esophageal Cancer

I often write about the importance of prevention when it comes to protecting your health. Routine health screenings are one of the most effective tools we have for catching problems in the early stages, before they become big problems. I recently discussed colonoscopy, the test used to screen for colorectal cancer. Today I will explain […]

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Red Clover: Get To Know This Health-Boosting Herb

When I explain alternative treatment options to my patients often I get asked this one question “Is there an herb I can take for that, Dr. Rosenberg?” Today, more and more people understand that modern medicine may be complemented by natural and alternative treatments. When it comes to herbs, some are good for targeting a […]

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What You Should Eat To Prevent Alzheimer's

What You Should Eat To Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects over 13 million people worldwide. Many of my patients fear this most common form of dementia, and with good reason. The disease is not completely understood, and it is not possible to predict who will fall victim. With treatment costs for Alzheimer’s topping 100 billion dollars in the United States alone, the […]

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An Ounce Of Prevention For Colon Cancer

With hectic schedules and constant demands on their time, many people are likely to cancel a checkup or put off a medical test every now and then. The question I like to pose to my patients is this: wouldn’t you rather practice a little prevention now than deal with major medical treatment down the road? […]

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Quick Ways To Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain

Your feet take a pounding every day. With every step you take, they bear the weight of your whole body. Yet people are often shy about problems they have with their feet and toes. I see it all the time in my practice. For whatever reason, people think they should be embarrassed by their feet. […]

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The Proven Way To Prevent Heart Disease

There is a potent, proven medication for those at risk of heart disease and stroke. It is safe, inexpensive and easy to administer. Furthermore, you probably have a bottle of it in your medicine cabinet right now. It’s aspirin, and if you don’t already know about the beneficial effects of this drug for heart disease, […]

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